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Velkommen til Espanorsk !

This is my personal webpage where I upload my notes about the norwegian language. When I started to learn norwegian i noticed that there was not much information about it on the net. Therefore I decided to put my notes here, maybe they could be uselful to others in their very first steps with norwegian.

As I can speak spanish, I took the decision to "make notes" about the language and publish them. Maybe someone is interested...
este soy yo
Texts in the "spansk" section are in english, because my norwegian is... well not as good as my english (which is not good, neither). I will translate those texts somewhen, be pacient :-P

Feel free to write me an e-mail for comments or questions.
I will try to answer every mail as soon as posible.

I you want to remember the spanish (or norsk) you learned  at school...
if you want to make your first steps in one of those languages...
or you simply found this website on the internet...

Welcome to Espanorsk
Velkommen til Espanorsk
Bienvenida/o a Espanorsk